Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Purpose widens when river merge with Sea. So does your website when it tagged with Social Media. We target popular social media and advertise your website there to get customer’s attraction towards your webpage and its product. Probability of sales is more when you expose it to large number of Customers who are looking for your product and service. Best possible way to enhance your business is by making your product and services available in all the place. As we cannot target specific audience and keep selling our product. By exposing to mass of people you will get back their feel about your product and your services. Web Soft Solutions team will do this properly for you.

We do SMM mainly on the following sites:

Social Media Monitoring

Consumers are online every day talking about their wants, needs and experiences with businesses. Social Media Monitoring lets you listen to this invaluable information, interact with customers to keep your reputation spotless, and keep a leg up on your competition.

Facebook Marketing

With Facebook still holding the #1 spot as largest social media platform in the world; if you’re not taking advantage of it, it’s time to get involved. And with 80% of US network users preferring to connect to brands through Facebook, your presence is highly requested.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter has grown immensely as a perfect place for small business over the last couple of years. With 67% of users more likely to buy from a brand they follow on Twitter, you could be missing prime opportunities every day you’re not connecting with your audience on Twitter.

Why Twitter marketing works

  • 50% of people who follow a brand on Twitter are more likely to buy from that brand.
  • 60% of people are more likely to recommend a brand to a friend after following the brand on Twitter

What our services include:

  • A custom-designed Twitter header to match your existing website’s branding
  • A custom-designed Twitter profile picture
  • One-on-one, professional consultation on utilizing Twitter features to market your business.

Google+ Marketing

Created by the worlds’ most popular search engine, Google+ is consistently growing and evolving. Taking the #2 spot for largest social media platform in the world, this social network not only helps you connect with your audience in a variety of ways, but it also helps you gain valuable credibility through authorship and more.

YouTube Marketing

Not only is YouTube a wildly popular social media channel, it also ranks among the top three search engines in the world. With billions of hours of video viewed each month, and video itself becoming a prime and preferred form of content from businesses, you’ll benefit from showing the world what you can do on YouTube.

Linkedin Marketing

LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world, and with 50% of its members more likely to purchase from companies when they engage with them on LinkedIn, you could say it’s one smart professional decision to get your business active on the network.

We can’t define need. Best way to get rid of this need is by tagging your website with different social media where unknown mass of customers waiting to get to know about your product. Web Soft Solutions is well versed with all this available Social media and it has analyzed data about their human trafficking. We tag your webpage into most popular Social media like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Orkut etc., Our aim is to make increase your customer numbers and in turn your business.



Build an amazing and professional website with Web Soft Solutions. We hope that you enjoy it.

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