Custom E-Commerce Solutions

Custom E-Commerce Solutions

Web Soft Solutions has proven track records in delivering various size and featured custom shopping cart. We had developed more than 10 e-commerce website (see the details in our portfolio) with different nature of business like jewelry, sporting goods, gift items, electronics, wholesale business, fashion, food, books and services.

We build secure shopping cart to merchandise your products, take orders online, process online payments using different payment gateway.

Our Solution Includes:

Below are the few important modules which comes in most of the shopping carts and it will change based on your requirement.

Front-end Modules of custom e-commerce:

Product are displayed in order and user can easily navigate and view each product in detail.

Products Search

The Search module allows you to configure custom dropdown boxes with different search criteria and textboxes that provide keyword and wildcard searches to enable users to find products easily in your e-commerce site.

Featured Products

The Featured Products module displays featured products, new releases or top selling products. This can be displayed alongside your product catalog or separate page.

Add to Favorite

User can add products to favorite if they want to purchase it later, and this can be viewed and purchased later from user account page.

Manage Cart

Functions like add to cart, view cart, edit cart items, delete cart items etc.

Checkout and Shopping Carts

Fully customizable shopping carts and checkout using customer billing and shipping information.

Online Payments

Customize the methods of payment you accept for your store, and choose from popular payment gateways like, Verisign, PayPal, Zooz etc for real-time payment processing.

My Account

The My Accounts module allows users to login and check their order status, order history, payment history, and download digital goods.

SEO Friendly Script

SEO optimized web pages for better search engine result.

Powerful Admin Panel

Powerful admin panel to manage your e-commerce store like manage your product, user, manufacture/supplier, inventory, invoice, tax, shipping, accounts etc.

Admin Modules

Product Management

The Product module is the product detail page that displays the main product image, product variants, images, product descriptions, related products, etc.

Category Management

The Category module can be used to displays the categories and sub categories you have defined in your store. It is used to filter the products by category or sub category.


The Manufacturer/Supplier menu module can be used to displays the Manufacturers/Suppliers you have defined in your store. It is used to filter the products by manufacturer/supplier.

Tax Config.

Admin can configure your store applicable tax details based on product, place etc.

Shipping Methods

You can setup custom shipping methods, or use UPS, USPS, FedEx – all together or just the ones you need.


See the inventory details, stock position, report based on product and stock etc.

Order / Invoice

Use the Orders menu to search your store’s order history, handle fulfillment with email notifications, process payments, and modify an existing order status.

Customer Management

Manage your customer details and view customer transaction history/reports.

Email Newsletter

Connect with your customer about New Products or Services available in your e-store.


Various reports with many search/filter options.

Advantage of Custom Shopping Cart

Ideal shopping cart solutions are those that are tailor-made for you business alone. You can’t work with a solution that has been devised for another business situation. That’s why at Web Soft Solutions we give you a solution that is truly yours!

No Recurring Fee

You own the system. No monthly or recurrring fees!

Product Administration

Customized explicitly for your products, no additional pointless fields. Easily import and manage your products with a custom spreadsheet/csv, simple and quick pricing updates.

Shipping Method

Shipping functions outlined exactly to your needs with real time integration from UPS, FedEx, etc. Or customize your shipping method if you process it manually.

Product Display

Display your products just the way you want to.

Custom Template

A custom store will allow you to layout your product pages any way you desire and include images, video, and other functionality into your pages in any configuration.


Any off the shelf store will not be very unique when thousands of other websites run on the same exact platform. With a custom shopping cart steps can be taken to ensure that no other store on the internet contains the same set of features, providing your visitors with a fun and unique user experience.

Checkout Process

With a custom shopping cart, the entire checkout process can be customized to appeal to the needs of the business and the customer. The information collected, types of payment supported, and processes that run during checkout can be configured to meet specific needs. Unfortunately, with off the shelf shopping cart software the checkout process is almost always locked down and impossible to modify.

Complete Scalability

Hosted shopping carts by their nature are fixed and inflexible, with very real limitations on what your account can and cannot do. Custom shopping carts, on the other hand, provide unlimited support for customization, can be changed in any way imaginable, and have virtually no limit to how far they can scale to accommodate your business needs.

EVERYTHING Customizable

Play around with features and get comfortable with what you like.



Build an amazing and professional website with Web Soft Solutions. We hope that you enjoy it.

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