Android Development Training

Android Development Training

Android Development Training in Hyderabadwith Web Soft Solutions is directed towards corporate, individuals, tech enthusiasts and students. It is a comprehensive hands-on training with an intensive syllabus and thorough approach in Android application design and development. Android Development Training in Hyderabad program will empower you with the knowledge of visualizing, building, programming and publishing an Android application. There is a gap between the demand and supply of functional apps in diverse niches which you can fulfill with Android app development knowledge.

Web Soft Solutions is an organization and an Android development training institute in Hyderabadtraining aspiring Android developers and designers. With us you will have a practical experience of putting the theoretical knowledge into use unlike other Android training centers in Hyderabad where they focus only on theory. We work with a squad of highly skilled, professional individualswho are dedicated to expand the horizon of the students. We have developed our curriculum based on advanced technology and always remain updated with the latest developments in the field.

Our methodology emphasizes on delivering industry-standard-mobility trainingenabling the students to learn to develop their mobility apps from the beginning. Our approach involves live demonstration on creating an application which helps the learners to internalize the process and reproduce it in their way and carve a niche for themselves in the industry. This happens to be a valuable addition to the CVs as well.

What will you learn?

Key Learning in Android Training Course in Hyderabad:

  • How to develop your own Android apps.
  • Understand the architecture of Android applications, life cycle of various components, manifest, Intents and the use of external resources for Android development.
  • Design and develop Android applicationswith compelling user interfaces by using, extending and creating your own layouts and views and using menus.
  • Take advantage of Android’s Application Framework API to build complex Android applications.
  • Utilize the power of background services, threads, asynchronous tasks and notifications.
  • Secure, tune, package, and deploy Android™ applications
  • And many more.

Course Coverage

Topics Covered During Classroom-Based Android Training Course in Hyderabad:

  • History of Android
  • Android Stack
  • Hello Android (Anatomy of android project)
  • Architecting Android Apps
  • Debugging and Testing Android Apps
  • Android Security Overview
  • Activities and User Interface
  • Action Bar and Navigation
  • Preferences
  • Advanced UI
  • Services
  • Broadcast Receivers
  • Data storage techniques and Content Providers
  • Lists and Adapters
  • Fragments
  • Testing Overview
  • End of Session
  • Q and A
  • Android Course Completion Certifications

Why Be An Android Developer

According to research and market survey more than a billion smart phones have been shipped in 2013which means that mobile phones are reaching out a large cross section of people. In fact, the number is predicted to touch 1.7 billion by 2017. People are using mobile devices more than ever now and as a result the demand for functional applications has increased manifold opening doors of opportunities for Android developers and designers. Among all the mobile devices sold in the previous year, Android based devices accounted for 80% of smart phones and 60.8% of tablet devices. Moreover, Google Play Store has reported over 50 billion downloads and more than 1 million published apps.

Just going by the numbers it is clear that this is the age of Android developers and designers. There is a sea of oppor tunity for Android developers with several electronic gadget manufacturing companies making gadgets that are compatible with this OS. Android’s open source code will bestow developers with unrestricted command over a device thus enhancing the chances of creating new applications for users. Android provides greater ad inventory of around 12% more than that of iOS. This is made possible with fewer market barriers and 40% less cost. Google has a unique ranking algorithm which works on user retention instead of raw downloads and is therefore more efficient in producing accurate and relevant data to the user in comparison to iOS. This algorithm has made Google Play Store more user friendly reaching out to maximum number of people all across the world.

Working with Android requires a functional knowledge of Javateamed with Android Software Development Kit. Developing application for Android has great potential because of a wide range of tools made available to the developers and designers. From Google App Inventor for beginners to officially assisted Eclipse to Native Development Kit are made available to the developers to work on cross platform framework. The cross platform aspect increases the flexibility of developing various apps including enterprise apps, productivity apps and gaming apps.

The biggest advantage of an Android app is its visibility on the web. People searching for relevant and compatible apps in app filters will find Android apps featuring in the top of the list. Google Play Store allows easy app download for users. If at any point users feel that the app is not the one the wanted, they can have their money refunded within 15 minutes of purchase. Some careers even facilitate direct billing of purchased apps from the monthly phone bill of the user. Google also enables restriction of app availability to particular careers and countries. With the help of Android OS developers can have access to the largest customer base, cheaper customer acquisition and a monetizing pattern that is advanced in many ways. It has been found that 70% of application developers all around the world are targeting the Android platform.



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